Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

The year is now 2020, at the beginning of this year Covid-19 a corona virus first emerged in China and as spread to nearly every country of the world.

We are now in April and many countries are in lockdown in order to try and halt the spread and hopefully save lives.

Just as Paul wrote to all the saints of Phillipi thousands of years ago that his circumstances had turned out for the greater progress of the gospel, so to have mine and also that of many others……Phillipians 1:12

In some way, shape or form everyone’s HEART will be touched by the effects of this virus for it as dramatically change the way we live.

While in the process of writing this home page, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the 2nd was addressing the nation, she thanked the many key workers who were risking their lives to keep the country going.

She encouraged us to keep going till we got back to more normal times.

What is normal?

The queen also said that we have faced many challenges in the past that have threatened the world, but this one was different for it is bringing nations together to combat the threat.

The lock-down as put life on hold, it is a good time for us to pause, slow down, MEDITATE and reflect on how we view the world and the way we inhabit it.

Words however that can have has many different meanings as their are people.

The enormity of the consequences of this virus in conjunction with the time to THINK has to change the way we see and live.

But do we THINK as we should?

What however, will that change look like?….. That will depend on the impact of every intent of the thoughts of our HEARTS..

I myself believe this is a big wake up call for the Human race for our eyes to be opened to see.

The problem being, where will our focus be?

What future IMAGES will develop in our HEARTS?

What past IMAGES will be erased?

The answer to that question, depends on where our present focus is.

Which brings me to the reasons for the development of this site, now.

The change in circumstances has brought into the forefront of my vision the reasons I believe we are experiencing our present circumstances.

This site I believe was conceived at the beginning of time, its birth however not coming until the circumstances were right for me to tell my life story, which will be revealed as this site grows.

I dont believe for one minute God caused this pandemic in order to progress His gospel, I do believe He as allowed it to happen, however, the fault for it and the reason behind it is the condition of our HEARTS not His.

The reason for the birth of this site now is that my HEART is ablaze for JESUS , I personally dont want any acclaim or credit in telling my story I want ALL the glory to go to JESUS, His WORD (DABAR) is the HEART beat of this site in order for Him to perfect the good works He started in both your HEART and mine.

This I believe will only be achieved when our HEARTS are fully focused on and seeing the HEART of JESUS ALIVE, seated at the RIGHT of the FATHER.

The intent for this site and the HEART that is the foundation of it, is for the eyes of our HEARTS to stop being focused on a dead man and for them to start seeing JESUS ALIVE like never before.